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Loiterer Arrested inside Idle Vehicle at New Home Construction Site

Posted by Sidney Sommer on Jan 21, 2022

Trespassers can have a major impact on a construction project. If materials and/or equipment is stolen, if the project is damaged in any way, or if someone gets injured, you could be dealing with big delays and financial loss.

One night, a light-colored SUV arrived at a new housing development under construction. The vehicle pulled into a spot between two unfinished units and parked. A trained Stealth Monitoring security professional kept eyes on the vehicle to monitor its activity, then called to dispatch local police, giving them details about the vehicle and its location.

Two police cruisers arrived on the scene and drove to the spot where the SUV was parked. The police officials exited their vehicles and approached the parked SUV. One officer went to the driver’s side while the second official went to the passenger side. The passenger was taken from the vehicle, handcuffed and placed into the police cruiser. The driver exited the SUV and spoke with officers but was not arrested.

The Importance of Construction Security

It’s critical to keep your construction site, with its expensive equipment, tools and materials, protected. When unauthorized people make their way inside, they can threaten these valuable assets. Additionally, they can become a severe safety hazard.

An effective security solution can go a long way in helping to deter losses from trespassers. Remote video monitoring is one such solution that combines advanced technology with human intelligence to proactively help prevent and deter criminal activity.

Trained security professionals monitor analytics-based cameras that are strategically placed at your site. When the pre-programmed analytics picks up suspicious activity, it will alert the monitoring operator who can quickly take over and determine what action is needed. In this video, the SUV pulled into the site, but the suspects never got out of the vehicle. This suspicious behavior warranted a call to police.

Because our operators are watching live activity with video verification, police typically elevate the priority level of the incident and can respond much faster than they would with a reactive security system. This often results in their arrival while the suspects are still there, hence facilitating more arrests.

If you are interested in learning more about remote video monitoring for your next project, contact us.