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Major Construction Materials Heist Thwarted in North Carolina

Posted by James Glassman on Feb 1, 2023

While lumber prices have finally begun to return to pre-pandemic levels after reaching a record high in May of 2021, black market building supplies’ prices are still a motivator for construction materials thieves. Unfortunately for a group intending to make off with a significant haul from a North Carolina construction site, Stealth was watching. 

Long after work had stopped for the day on a Charlotte, North Carolina construction site, alert Stealth security operators noticed something unusual: two vehicles, including a box truck, entering the site from the southwest side, and reversing closer to the vicinity of several skids of materials. A group of individuals then exited from the truck and began loading materials into the back. The second vehicle took off from the site at this time. Stealth’s operator observing immediately contacted local law enforcement with details of the activity, and they arrived on site quickly. After chasing down and intercepting two of the suspects, officers successfully arrested them both.  

Help Reduce Materials Theft on Your Jobsites with Remote Video Monitoring 

Any time there are valuable building materials sitting on your jobsites during off hours, those items are at risk of being targeted by thieves. Traditional security measures, like gates, fences, and guards are often not enough to stop criminals from shopping your site for an opportunity to line their pockets. 

Proactive security measures that go above and beyond traditional barriers can make a huge impact.  

Remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution that helps deter and disperse criminal and other unwanted activity in real time, rather than waiting for a theft to occur and attempting to determine the details after the thieves have escaped with your valuables. With Stealth’s remote video monitoring in place, your jobsite is watched by a combination of analytics-based cameras and trained security professionals- and both are ready to spot activity rather than simple movement. 

False alarm calls a concern? Not with cutting-edge technology supplemented by human intelligence. When a Stealth security operator spots anything suspicious, they can immediately take action, following site protocols to sound audible alarms or contact local law enforcement. Thanks to the ability to provide live-feed data to police dispatch, our calls are typically elevated and just as in the case above, police have time to arrive on scene before criminals have escaped.  

Interested in hearing more about the cost-effective proactive security solution that can be customized to meet the needs of your specific jobsites? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with a construction security expert in your area. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.