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Multiple Individuals Caught on Surveillance Using Unknown Substance on Commercial Property

Posted by Matthew Clark on May 17, 2024


Loiterers using drugs and alcohol on private commercial properties pose a multifaceted issue- particularly on retail properties, which are by their nature designed to feel welcoming and inviting. However, property owners don’t want to welcome all kinds of behavior, like what was spotted in this Arrest of the Month video.

In the late afternoon, Stealth security professionals monitoring an Arizona shopping center spotted multiple individuals behaving suspiciously and took a closer look at the group. It was then clear that the group was using an unknown substance and loitering on the property. Audible alarms were activated, and local police were contacted with the details. Responding officers were observed making contact with the group and left the area after taking one of the individuals into police custody. 

Addressing loitering and substance abuse on commercial properties requires a balanced approach that respects legal rights and public health, while ensuring the safety and integrity of the property. Measures taken should be both preventive and responsive, helping to ensure compliance with state and federal laws while addressing the root causes and immediate impacts of issues like these on commercial properties. 

Elevating Security for Commercial Properties with Stealth’s Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution 

At Stealth Monitoring, we understand that the security needs of retail properties are as diverse as the businesses themselves. Our approach is rooted in a discerning, customized methodology that holistically assesses each location based on a comprehensive array of factors, including entrance and exit dynamics, incident history, neighborhood profile, existing infrastructure, and more. This process helps to inform tailored layouts that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with human insight, helping to implement an optimal response to potential threats. 

Our proactive solutions include strategic, wide-reaching camera coverage that can span storefronts, parking lots, alleys, and beyond, for increased visibility across your entire property. Backed by intelligent analytics and our live video monitoring capabilities, we can swiftly detect and respond to suspicious behavior at the first sign of trouble. Our trained operators can deter potential threats by issuing warnings through on-site speakers, and as situations develop, we can coordinate rapid responses with law enforcement by furnishing real-time suspect descriptions and precise locations. 

Unlike dated reactive measures, Stealth’s solutions equip your retail property to get ahead of risk, rather than merely reacting after the fact. With a documented ability to help reduce security costs by 60% or more when compared to traditional approaches, our intelligent video surveillance solution delivers superior loss prevention and accountability, helping to safeguard both your assets and your bottom line. 

By helping to deter criminal activity quickly and consistently, Stealth’s monitoring fosters the kind of safe, welcoming environments that attract patrons and mollify anxious retailers. Our solutions help to create a secure atmosphere that cultivates customer confidence and encourages repeat business, ultimately contributing to your long-term success. 

Contact us today to learn more about our customizable intelligence solutions, innovatively designed to suit your property’s unique landscape and advance your safety goals.  

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