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Naked Individual Wanders Office Parking Facilities

Posted by Eric Nauta on Mar 23, 2023

Indecent exposure on its own may not seem particularly dangerous. In fact, it mostly proves to be simply shocking or disturbing rather than causing any significant harm. Unfortunately, those who are engaging in public nudity or lewdness may also be suffering from other risk factors, such as mental health concerns or substance usage that can often make them dangerous and unpredictable. 

Tenants who house their businesses or practice in an office building or commercial property aren’t likely to appreciate being confronted with a nude and potentially dangerous individual when they pull into the parking facilities. See what happened when Stealth caught an eyeful at this Texas office complex: 

At 6:31 a.m., a Stealth security professional monitoring an Austin, Texas parking garage spotted an individual wandering the parking lots and stairwells while wrapped in a sheet or blanket. The audible warnings were sounded to encourage the individual to leave the premises, but they were undeterred. The operators contacted police dispatch as the individual shed their clothing and curled up on the floor of the garage. Responding law enforcement officers arrived quickly, made contact with the naked individual, and were seen taking them into custody.  

Help Protect Your Commercial Property with Proactive Security Solutions 

It’s important to maintain a secure environment for tenants and their clients, while also ensuring that your exposure to premise liability is minimized. Many surveillance systems simply record activity, and only become useful if they yield a clear picture of the suspects or their vehicles after the fact. On-site security guards can become prohibitively expensive, and have limitations associated with their viewpoint and response times.  

Live video monitoring, unlike traditional reactive security measures, is a proactive security solution. Stealth’s live video surveillance solution is customizable and allows events to be monitored and responded to in real-time. We use cutting edge video analytics to respond to activity rather than simple motion, and trained security professionals to observe and respond according to site protocols as events happen.  

Staff monitoring key areas of your property can sound onsite alarms that typically send trespassers and other unwanted criminals skittering off- but in the event of a scenario like the one above, monitoring operators can also contact local law enforcement, who can respond to your property quickly thanks to our live detailed descriptions of activity, suspects, and location. 

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