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Ohio Cannabis Facility Trespasser Caught

Posted by Mick Warncke on Feb 27, 2023

Dispensaries, growing facilities, and retail shops within the cannabis industry are all enticing targets for theft, trespassing, and vandalism. Whether the threat is coming from a seasoned criminal, or rowdy teens, effective security solutions are a must in this cash-heavy industry. 

At 11:32 p.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring an Ohio cannabis facility notice an individual on cameras, trespassing on the property. The security operator sounded audible alarms and contacted local law enforcement due to the suspicious nature of the activity they observed. Officers arrived on site quickly and appeared to make contact with the suspect in the wooded area outside camera view. The individual was placed in custody.  

Live Video Monitoring is a Proactive Security Solution for Your Facility 

With theft, break-ins, and other criminal or unwanted activity a concern for all businesses and facilities, and stricter security protocols required in many states for businesses in the cannabis industry, an effective security strategy is a vital component to the safety and success of any dispensary, grow house, processing plant, or distribution center. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring is an innovative, customizable, and cost-effective security solution that can help improve security outcomes. Rather than taking a reactive approach, like most security systems, live video monitoring is proactive. 

Using a combination of industry-leading analytics-based cameras, and the human intelligence of highly trained security professionals monitoring your property, events can be spotted, and responded to, in real time- often before any criminal activity or damage occurs. 

Just as in the case above, when our operators see something or someone out of place, they can activate onsite alarms to alert potential thieves or vandals that they are being watched. In many cases, this is enough to scare them off the property altogether, eliminating the threat. In the event that they are undeterred, or the situation warrants immediate police intervention, operators can contact local police dispatch and provide them with live, real-time descriptions of activity, suspects, and locations, allowing for a faster response time from law enforcement officers. 

Interested in learning more about how live video monitoring can help deter and disperse criminal and unwanted activity at your property and meet stringent state and local security guidelines? Contact our cannabis security specialists to learn more.  Texas Private Security License Number: B14187