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Police Take Texas Shopping Center Trespasser into Custody

Posted by Rick Charney on Sep 6, 2023

Shopping and retail centers must strike a balance between creating spaces that feel inviting and encourage visitors to browse, while also maintaining a secure and safe environment for tenants and their customers. 

Loiterers and trespassers can deter potential customers from visiting, which can lead to a decrease in foot traffic and a negative impact on tenant businesses’ revenue- and that’s only one potential issue associated with these unwanted “guests.”  

Just before 4:00 p.m., Stealth security operators noticed an individual on surveillance who seemed out of place at a Texas shopping center. A closer look at the individual revealed that they did not appear to be a tenant or employee, and yet they were accessing the back alley of the property. Local police dispatch was contacted due to the nature of the activity observed, and responding officers arrived on site quickly. The police were observed taking the individual into custody and appeared to leave the area with no further incidents. 

Help Deter Unwanted Activity at Your Shopping Center or Other Commercial Property with Proactive Security 

Proactive security solutions significantly out-perform traditional reactive security solutions when it comes to protecting commercial real estate properties of all kinds. Criminals have learned that retailers and their staff are unlikely to take action unless they see evidence of a crime occurring, and in many situations, not even then.  

Effective security that can help deter and disperse unwanted activity as it happens can be achieved when you implement Stealth’s live video monitoring solution. Proactive, customizable, and designed to meet the unique security needs of your property, Stealth uses a combination of video analytics and human intelligence to spot and respond to suspicious and unwanted activity at your retail property in real time. 

When we see something concerning unfolding on your property, our highly trained security professionals can take immediate action, sounding onsite audible warnings or contacting local police dispatch with live, up-to-the-minute details and descriptions of suspects and activities in progress. Thanks to that ability, our call priority is often elevated, leading to faster police response times and earlier interventions, which can mean fewer losses and damage, and lead to better overall outcomes. 

Ready to hear more? Contact us today and speak with a shopping and retail security specialist or get your free quote. We’d love to put our proactive security solution to work for your property. 

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