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Rooftop Raider Busted Breaking into Shopping Center

Posted by Reba Davidson on Dec 9, 2022

Thieves and vandals are an ongoing concern for commercial properties, especially shopping and retail centers.  

In this Arrest of the Month video, a suspicious individual uses the roof to gain access to a store and is surprised by officers who’d been informed of his activity by Stealth security professionals. 

At approximately 4:15 in the morning, Stealth security operators spot an individual unsuccessfully attempting to gain access to a building in a shopping center via the back door. Moments later, the suspect climbs to the rooftop, and while operators sounded audible alarms, they were undeterred. Stealth contacted local police officers, who arrived on scene in time to catch the person as they left the building, having successfully broken inside. Officers immediately arrested the suspect.  

Proactive Security Measures Can Help Protect Your Shopping Center from Theft and Break-ins

Shopping and retail centers are frequent targets for thieves and vandals. The reasons for this vary- from teenagers looking for places where they can get into trouble unsupervised to sophisticated theft rings targeting specific types of tenants, there are many reasons to be concerned about the safety and security of your retail property.  

Stealth’s proactive retail and shopping center security solution can make a huge difference in protecting your property from common concerns- like theft, vandalism, loitering, transients, and trespassing, to name a few. Just as in the video above, when our analytics-based cameras that watch for activity rather than movement are monitored by our trained security professionals, we can see and report suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities in real time. Local police dispatch often prioritizes our calls thanks to our ability to report up-to-the-minute information and details, and the assurance that our calls are not false alarms. 

Live video monitoring allows Stealth and its trained staff to watch for suspicious or unwanted activity as it happens, rather than sorting through hours of security footage in an attempt to discover what occurred after the fact.  

Interested in learning more about how our customized, cost-effective security solutions can help deter and disperse criminal activity at your business or property? Contact us now for details.