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Scrap Yard Video — Scrap Metal Security

Posted by Sean Murphy on May 25, 2016

Stealth Monitoring provides scrap metal security for many scrap yards. One client said the following.

“I just found out that the two thieves that were stealing wheels from us have been arrested and also admitted to the crime. We are sending video to give to the police, and also sending pictures of their truck loaded with wheels. There is enough for a felony conviction so they will be going away for a while. Finally!”

– Inventory Manager, Scrap Metal Recycling Company

The quote was featured in this month’s newsletter Your Monthly Dispatch Video: Police Arrest Apartment Clubhouse Gunman

In this month’s video the apartment clubhouse lounge reads ‘live video surveillance’. We really ARE watching as this gunman learned. Also:

> Stealth now watches over 9,000 cameras

> What happens when your cameras aren’t watched. A building under renovation experienced multiple thefts despite having cameras.

> Recycling center owner convicted of metal and copper theft. A criminal enterprise stole nickel and copper telecommunication lines from West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Scrap yards recover $1 billion dollars per year from metal theft. But weak scrap metal security has done little to deter copper and metal thieves who attack nickel and copper telecom lines and commercial real estate, including shopping centers, malls, office buildings, and warehouses. States have passed legislation that has included provisions that require ID cards for metal sellers to combat copper theft.

Stealth Monitoring designs, installs, services, and monitors scrap metal security nationwide, as well as solutions for other industries at risk for property trespassers, thieves, and criminals.

Stealth Monitoring is the leader in live video surveillance with over 9,000 watched cameras every night for commercial property and scrap metal security. Stealth specializes in proactive remote video monitoring that can significantly improve threat protection and police response. Contact Stealth today to protect your property. Visit our web site to see actual videos of criminals being apprehended at scrap yards and other businesses.