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Suspect Arrested After Attempted Theft on Washington Construction Site

Posted by Paul Gross on Jan 18, 2023

When it comes to security risks, construction sites face a wide variety of concerns. Expensive and dangerous equipment and tools that must be left outdoors, tools and materials that are particularly appealing to thieves and vandals, and an unfinished building site that may present various risks to those not knowledgeable about safety precautions. All these reasons explain why trespassing and theft are both major concerns for construction businesses.

Late at night, a Stealth security professional monitoring a Bremerton, Washington construction site spotted an individual trespassing from the northeast vicinity of the jobsite. As the security staff observed, the individual loitered for a few moments before beginning to gather materials from a variety of areas within the jobsite. Local police dispatch was immediately contacted due to the nature of the activity observed. Officers arrived on site shortly after, making contact with, and ultimately arresting the suspect.

Remote Video Surveillance is a Proactive Construction Security Solution

Remote video monitoring is a proactive solution that works with the challenges that construction jobsites face. It provides a high level of construction security while it may simultaneously lower both risk and liability.

Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technology and human intelligence to spot risks, liabilities, safety hazards, criminal or suspicious activity, and more. Using analytics-based cameras and trained security professionals, our remote video monitoring solution can observe your jobsites and help deter and disperse unwanted activity before major damages occur.

Just as in the case above, when our security professionals see anything out of place or suspicious occurring on a jobsite, they can follow site protocols and contact local law enforcement for intervention when needed.

Best of all, remote video monitoring for construction is designed to work with the specific needs of your jobsite, with cameras that can be moved and adjusted as the jobsite progresses and can focus on areas of particular risk or concern.

Interested in learning more about how remote video monitoring can save your construction business up to 60% on security spend while significantly reducing risk and liability? Contact us today for details. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187