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Suspect Seen on Camera Breaking into Construction Site Arrested

Posted by Paul Gross on Sep 12, 2022

It should come as no surprise that construction sites are frequently targeted by thieves and vandals, particularly at night. They’re usually accessible if a person is motivated enough to accept the challenge, and they’re often filled with valuable tools and materials.

Just after 1:00 am, a security professional noticed a suspicious individual lurking around a jobsite. The security professional assured that the on-site speakers were immediately activated. Moments later, our team took a closer look at the live camera feed, and on review were able to see this same individual forcing the gate and gaining access to the jobsite despite the audible alarm.

Local law enforcement was contacted and the details of the crime in progress were relayed to them, including the description of the suspect and where they were seen. Within minutes, police can be seen in the video arriving at the jobsite and leaving with the suspect in custody.

Remote Video Monitoring Can Help Keep Intruders from Causing Damage or Theft

Even before the pandemic pushed the prices of base materials through the roof, lumber and other high-value materials were becoming more expensive due to trade tariffs and other economic drivers.  Construction sites, already high-value targets for theft, became even more likely to be raided by thieves.

Traditional security measures can deter some theft, but when a burglar is dead set on accessing a site, they’ll figure out a way to get in. An added layer of protection that includes security cameras can help stop criminals before they can do major damage. Solutions like the remote video monitoring offered by Stealth Monitoring combine both video analytics and human intelligence to watch for activity. When an operator sees suspicious behavior, they can evaluate the situation and act quickly.

An added benefit? When operators can relay details and video verification of a crime in progress, police typically react with more urgency, responding more quickly to the call. This often leads to their arrival on site while the suspicious individuals are still in or around the area.

Finally, remote video monitoring is designed to work with the changing nature of a construction site. Cameras can be easily moved and adjusted to provide the best surveillance coverage as the jobsite changes. With ongoing recording 24/7, clients can have access to video evidence as needed. If you need access to footage for a liability claim or police investigation, our team on analysts are prepared to find it.

Interested in learning more about the proactive security solution that is specifically designed to help deter theft and vandalism, mitigate liability and boost safety on your construction sites? Contact us for further information.