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Texas Parking Lot Prowler Placed in Custody

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Feb 17, 2023

As any commercial property owner knows, parking facilities are a frequent target for vehicle-related crimes. Whether it’s an apartment community, shopping plaza, or office building lot, car thefts, smash and grabs, and parts theft create a trifecta of temptations for thieves and prowlers- and public spaces where there are many vehicles are the ideal hunting grounds. 

In the above video, around 1:18 in the morning an individual attempts to access multiple vehicles, and on-site speakers were immediately activated. While the individual fled the area, the security professional had already contacted the local police department. Moments later, both local law enforcement and the on-site security officer arrived on scene. Police took the parking lot prowler into custody shortly after.  

Help Protect Your Property from Theft and Other Criminal Activity with Live Video Surveillance 

One of the clearest examples of the benefits of live video monitoring can be seen in this example of it in action. Criminals are often quick- accessing multiple vehicles in minutes, potentially grabbing cash, valuables, parts, and even entire vehicles in just minutes. 

With our combination of analytics-based surveillance cameras, which react to activity, not just movement- and the human intelligence of trained security operators with their eyes on the feeds – Stealth can react quickly to suspicious activity.  

Trained security professionals can follow site protocols: sounding alarms, contacting on-site security, or reaching out to local police dispatch and reporting up-to-the-minute accounts of the suspicious or unwanted behavior they’re seeing in real-time.  

Law enforcement typically arrives on scene quickly, and often when the suspicious person or persons are still in the area.  

Keep eyes on your property and all its facilities with customized live video surveillance solutions. Contact us now for more details.