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Three Suspects Attempt to Flee Construction Site After Caught Trespassing

Posted by Ryan Cox on Sep 15, 2022

Bored teens in the mood to explore? Thieves looking to make a quick cash grab? Whatever the motivation behind breaking into a construction site, the consequences can prove a major issue for everyone involved. 

In this video, three people wearing hoodies approach the fencing surrounding an active construction site around 1:15 in the morning. As two quickly make their way into the site, the third appears to check the area for any signs of witnesses or authorities before joining his companions.  

What they didn’t realize, as they set off into the restricted area, was that Stealth security operators had already spotted their suspicious behavior and contacted local police. While the live camera feeds provided additional details that were given to police dispatch by our sharp-eyed security professional, the three continued their exploits until police arrived on scene. Alarmed, they made a run for the back fences, clumsily attempting to escape. However, even that attempt was caught from another angle, and authorities ultimately took the trespassers into custody, checked the site for damages, and resecued the gates.  

Get Better Coverage with Proactive Construction Site Security 

Criminals love construction sites. Whether it’s the siren song of exploring an unfinished building, finding a spot to hang out and commit mischief, or the allure of grabbing potentially high-value goods like copper wiring and expensive equipment – there are a variety of reasons they can’t seem to resist breaking in.  

Unfortunately for the people who are responsible for keeping these sites on schedule and budget, theft and liability concerns mean security becomes a huge headache. 

Fortunately, there’s a proactive solution that can help reduce criminal activity, damages, and liability issues before they become a major thorn in a project’s side. Remote video monitoring can help safeguard your site’s valuable assets before they end up in a thief’s hands. 

Using a combination of cutting-edge technology and human intelligence, remote video monitoring can help discourage criminal activity before it happens. Stealth trained security professionals monitor analytics-based cameras, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity and determining when to contact local authorities. Just as in the case above, when police are given the details provided by a live-video feed, they typically respond quickly, nabbing suspects while they’re in the area.  

If you’d like to learn more about deterring crime, minimizing losses and security costs simultaneously, and more, contact us for details.