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Trespasser Caught Entering Multiple Vehicles on Dealership Lot

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Dec 13, 2021

As with most retail businesses, automotive dealerships have set hours in which they operate. During those hours dealerships are highly active with many different activities taking place. One key driver of dealership profits is customers bringing in their vehicles for service such as oil changes or other repairs.

Potential new customers peruse the lot, searching for their next vehicle to purchase. Dealership employees are busy completing their job duties and moving vehicles around the lot while various outside vendors and service providers visit the dealership to complete their orders.

Once the day is done and employees and customers leave, lots become stiller and quieter, though most dealership principals are unaware of the level of activity taking place once they close. The darkness of night can tempt trespassers who think no one is watching along with afterhours browsers. However, Stealth’s remote video surveillance security solution for dealerships is always

A trained Stealth security operator was alerted to a female individual, carrying a worn paper grocery bag, set foot into a restricted zone of an automotive dealership lot after hours. Our operator initiated the on-site audio warning but the trespasser ignored it. Instead, she opted to open the driver’s side door of a parked vehicle and get inside. Our operator immediately contacted police as this was a violation of the site protocols.

The trespasser continued throughout the lot, opening and entering several other vehicles. Police arrived, intercepted and handcuffed the trespasser.

Stealth’s Remote Video Monitoring Security Solution Never Stops

When individuals are caught infringing on an automotive dealerships’ property after hours or in areas where they should not be, the activity illicits suspicion as to the ultimate intentions of the perpetrator. Millions of dollars are parked on these properties that are usually only protected by short gates and good lighting.

These, of course, don’t prevent inventory from being seen, and are hardly barriers to help prevent unauthorized activity or removing inventory and parts. If someone wants to access a dealership (for legitimate or illegitimate reasons) they will find a way to gain access. Should this happen at night, when your dealership is closed and no one is on your property to stop illegitimate activity, then what? The answer is Stealth’s remote video monitoring security solution.

Stealth’s customized security solution can watch your perimeter, parking lots, various access points, buildings and even service lanes and showrooms 24/7/365. Our solution literally never stops. The solution is a combination of highly tuned video surveillance cameras and advanced video analytics coupled with human intelligence and site level protocols.

As seen in the above video, as soon as the individual sets foot into a restricted zone covered by one of our cameras, our video analytics immediately noticed. The analytics determined human intervention was needed, so the technology notified a trained Stealth security operator who relied on pre-established site protocols to take immediate action. First, an on-site speaker warning was activated. When that didn’t deter the trespasser, per protocol, our operator notified police. Officers arrived in time to intercept the trespasser and arrest her.

Contact us to learn how our remote monitoring security solution can keep watch over your lot when you’re not there to help deter trespassing and potential theft and damage to your inventory and property.