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Vandalism Spree Strikes Business and Factory Buildings

Posted by David Charney on May 25, 2015

An overnight vandalism spree sent Fond du Lac, Wisconsin police searching for the culprits. No one knows who was responsible for spray painting gang symbols on business buildings, factories and vehicles around the city earlier this year.

Over the weekend, police received 11 complaints from property owners who reported black and purple symbols scrawled across vehicles, bar windows, and brick and sheet metal walls.

Although they weren’t sure exactly when the vandals struck because there was no video surveillance in place to record the damages, police speculate that it happened between the late evening hours of a Sunday and the early morning hours of that next Monday in January.

Some of the buildings targeted in the vandalism spree include a machining plant, a manufacturing plant, pubs, and a warehouse.

In addition, vehicles parked in the area were also covered with what looked like gang symbols. Some of the recognizable ones were anarchy symbols, purple wings and crowns, several numbers and the acronym “BFO.”

While the subject matter points to possible gang activity, police could only speculate on who did it. No eyewitnesses to the vandalism spree have stepped forward with information.

Because some of this activity occurred at and around a fairly busy intersection, police are hopeful that someone who had been driving through the district saw suspicious activity. And, if they did, the police hope that person or those people will contact them.

But there is a more effective way to stop gang graffiti – real-time video monitoring that can see it live and immediately report it to authorities.

These businesses are not clients of Stealth Monitoring. If any of these businesses, warehouses or factories were protected by proactive live video monitoring, the suspicious activity might have been spotted by Stealth operators. When a Stealth operator sees unusual activity, a audible warning can be activated and the local police can be called.

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