Industrial properties house very valuable tools, equipment, and materials that can be at risk of being vandalized or stolen. Anyone who stores inventory or assets outside knows security is a critical concern since fences, gates, and lights can only do so much.


Live Video Monitoring: Stealth is leading the evolution of remote video monitoring solutions for industrial applications. Our team of system design experts will work directly with you to create and deploy fully optimized security and surveillance systems, including perimeter protection and fortification of access points that protect your assets from theft, vandalism and trespassers. Unlike traditional alarm companies, Stealth’s video monitoring staff are watching events in real time, allowing operators to scare off criminals using voice-down audio deterrents or report live crimes in progress to the police. Our proactive solutions are typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security guards and helps prevent injury and avoid additional costs, critical in extreme working environments such as steel mills and chemical plants.

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Security Guards

Many industrial sites and warehouses rely on security guards to monitor their property, but they can be expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars a month. Additionally, there are other constraining factors involved with guards including inadequate training, limited coverage, as well as a lack of confidence in their ability to do the job they were hired to do. With Stealth’s live video monitoring solution, you get a team of operators to watch your cameras, so you can rest assured that your property is always being watched by trustworthy, trained professionals.


Security Expenses

Drive-by patrol services are rarely on-site and can be easily bypassed. Other camera systems that are not being watched will not produce the same results as Stealth’s proven proactive solution.

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Theft & Property Damage

Because warehouses contain a large supply of inventory, they are frequent targets for theft, both externally from unauthorized personnel and internally from employees, delivery drivers and even security guards. Stealth’s live monitoring and high-quality IP megapixel video provide a more effective alternative to traditional surveillance methods. Our trained operators can watch for live break-ins and property damage. When suspicious activity is noticed, they can activate speakers and communicate with authorities, which increases the likelihood of deterring crime before it happens.


Warehouses are susceptible to liability from theft, injury and damage. Claims can arise from fire, flood, damage during handling, insufficient maintenance, missing inventory, trailer theft and many other causes. Stealth Monitoring lessens your liability by increasing security around office areas, glass windows, vacant spaces, and warehouse buildings. Our live-monitored surveillance system can help protect you from liability by watching for risky situations in real time.

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If not remedied in time, fire is a common problem that can have catastrophic consequences. Stealth cameras can be placed in areas of vulnerability and watched by operators who are trained to look for smoke or flames. The ability to notify local fire departments of fire risk in real time can quickly resolve an incident that otherwise may demolish an entire project. Thermal imaging cameras can also be used to detect heat, potentially preventing millions in damages.


Live Video Monitoring

Help maintain a secure environment while minimizing liability and reducing costly guard expenses. We can safeguard unmanned and remote locations, gates, perimeter fences, equipment, cranes and other valuable assets.

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We Watch Your Cameras:

Keep your existing cameras and add the power and value of Stealth Monitoring's live video monitoring services to watch and deter crime before it happens. Make your cameras go to work for you proactively instead of just viewing unfortunate events after-the-fact.

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Gate & Access Control:

Get maximum security and control over who enters your property. Verify driver credentials, as well as validate and inspect trailer and tractor movement throughout the property.

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License Plate Recognition:

Clearly capture license plate numbers of cars entering your site in real time. Perfect for tracking visitors and security enforcement.

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Thermal Imaging:

Because they sense objects based on the heat they radiate, thermal cameras see things the human eye and standards cameras cannot, providing clear images in daylight, darkness, shadows and inclement weather.

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Long-Range Surveillance:

When it comes to perimeter security and monitoring large outdoor areas, long-range cameras offer many advantages. Stealth’s long-range cameras can reach distances hundreds of feet away and zoom in to capture clear detailed images, including license plates and faces.

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Video Review & Analysis:

Our dedicated review team can search through hours of video footage to investigate any issues you may have during monitoring and non-monitoring hours.

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Our Proactive
Solution Provides:

01 Liability Protection

Ensure that safety procedures are being followed so you can take appropriate action. In addition, recording and archiving site activities can prove useful when dealing with insurance companies or authorities during incidents such as on-site injury claims, property damage issues or accidents.

02 24/7 Monitoring

Whether it’s 24/7 coverage of multiple projects or after-hours monitoring of a select location, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your property is being watched by trained specialists.

03 Customized Reports And Analytics

Get a complete understanding of what activities are happening on your sites. Stealth’s video analyst team reviews archived footage for clients to provide evidence of on-site issues, such as accidents and property damage.

04 Operational Improvements

In addition to securing sites, Stealth’s team is always focused on other ways we can help improve your business processes. For example, our operators can help ensure your access control procedures are working correctly and only authorized personnel are on-site.

05 Extensive Site Coverage

Remote video monitoring allows for cameras to view multiple parts of the site at once from vantage points that may be impossible for guards to access.

06 Quicker Response Times

Live video monitoring gives authorities confirmation that there is an event happening in real time, which results in much quicker response times since the police raise the priority level when they can verify an incident in progress.

07 Insurance Savings

Video monitoring solutions are often accepted as a valid guard replacement within the security warranties for insurance policies. Like alarm systems, any additional security measures such as virtual video surveillance may reduce your property’s premium.

08 System Health Check

Video monitoring solutions are often accepted as a valid guard replacement within the security warranties for insurance policies. Like alarm systems, any additional security measures such as virtual video surveillance may reduce your property’s premium.

09 Design And Installation

We specialize in turnkey solutions including the design, installation and support of surveillance services and equipment. Whether you require a completely new system to be designed from scratch or want to add a few new cameras to your existing system, we can tailor a solution that works for you.

10 Total Service

We don’t just monitor your property, we also monitor your entire surveillance data network, including cameras and NVRs. Our multi-tiered Total Service offering provides you with unparalleled customer support.


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