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Suspicious Parking Lot Activity at a Wholesale/Distribution Facility

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Feb 8, 2021

A Stealth security operator spotted an individual walking around the parking lot of a wholesale/distribution facility around 11:45 one night. The suspect opened several dumpsters and looked inside. He then proceeded to pull on the door handles of parked vans. One was unlocked, so he hopped inside.

Our operator activated the on-site speaker warning and called to dispatch police. The perpetrator left the property before officers arrived. Our operator gave them his most current known location. Police called back later to inform us they had a potential suspect in custody. Our monitoring department sent video evidence and all relevant information about the trespasser to them.

Stealth Monitoring watches your property in real time when you are not there, helping to reduce unwanted behavior. If our security operators see anything suspicious, they can take immediate action.

In addition, our video review team can pull raw footage from multiple cameras, then analyze and edit it into a condensed clip. This can be shared with police and insurance companies to help in investigations.

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