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Arrest of Trespasser Breaking into an Apartment Building and Attempting to Access Parked Vehicles

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Feb 9, 2022

Intent is critical when it comes to trespassing onto multifamily residential property. Usually when an individual enters an apartment building or an apartment’s parking garage, the person has intent. If the individual is a resident who came into the office to ask staff a question or a resident accessing their own vehicle in the parking garage, no harm, no foul. However, unrecognized individuals acting suspiciously after hours can imply mischievous or criminal intent.

Stealth’s live video monitoring security solution determined the following individual was acting nefarious and helped deter his suspicious activities – peering into windows, sneaking through doors and attempting to access vehicles.

At 4:02 a.m., an individual was seen by a trained Stealth security operator peering through the window of an apartment building. The individual walked down the sidewalk and gained access through what appeared to be an unlocked door. Our operator contacted police dispatch and continued to watch the situation as the trespasser gained access into the apartment’s parking garage though another door.

Two officers arrived on site and looked under a vehicle parked beside the apartment building. The trespasser continued into the parking garage and attempted to access parked vehicles. As the trespasser walked from the parking garage, officers intercepted and arrested the individual.

Live Video Monitoring Creates an ‘All Eyes On’ Mentality to Help Deter Undesirable Activity

Safety and security of multifamily communities’ residents, employees and assets require constant and consistent monitoring. Unwanted and suspicious activities can only be deterred if they are seen and then acted upon while in progress. Live video monitoring allows trained security operators to see activity taking place in real time, assess it and act immediately when necessary. This is truly an “all eyes on” approach to security and the video above is an example.

Stealth’s trained operator saw the individual with our advanced video analytics pre-programmed onto strategically placed, high-definition cameras. All eyes were on him. Our operator switched from camera to camera to remotely follow him throughout the property and watch what he did. As soon as our operator saw the trespasser partake in a suspicious activity, police were immediately dispatched. The in-progress situation was deterred when officers arrived at the apartment community. Our operator was able to communicate the last known location of the suspect to dispatch, enabling officers to intercept and arrest the suspect.

Car break-in activity is typically missed by courtesy patrol services. When crimes like these occur, the management team usually finds out when the resident storms into the leasing office the next morning upset that their car was broken into. Courtesy patrol officers are not only expensive, but they can only be in one place at a time, leaving ample opportunity for a suspect to pull on multiple door handles in an attempt to access unlocked vehicles.

There are usually multiple ways to enter an apartment parking garage. So, unless you have a courtesy officer posted at every possible entry point, it may be difficult to prevent criminals from accessing a parking garage and its vehicles. Even if the courtesy officer spots a car break-in in progress, they are just there to witness and report. A security camera with live video monitoring can usually do a much better job for less money.

Stealth Monitoring’s live video monitoring security solution can be customized for multifamily residential properties based on unique community layouts. High-definition, IP surveillance cameras from brands vetted by Stealth specialists are pre-programmed with our advanced video analytics. This allows the technology to filter video streams in real time to detect certain activities and alert highly qualified Stealth security operators who take over assessing the activity and acting when necessary. On-site speaker warnings can be activated; on-call managers or other personnel can be called; and local police dispatch contacted to request officers on site.

Contact our multifamily specialists today to learn more about how our proactive, proven multifamily community security solution can help deter suspicious individuals and unwanted, criminal activities.