Multi-Family Residential Security Solutions

Apartment complexes seek to maintain a secure environment for their tenants, while reducing their own exposure to site liability when property managers are off-duty. Residents’ sense of security and safety are major factors in maximizing rental rates and minimizing vacancy, key drivers for building value within the multi-family residential market. Stealth offers unique solutions to help secure apartment complexes as well as save you money. These services include:

Live Video Monitoring: Stealth Monitoring’s customized video surveillance solutions work in real time, to catch events as they happen. We watch when there is activity, not just motion, using a combination of video analytics and human intelligence. Our proactive solutions are typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security guards and provide the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability.

Remote Concierge: Provide instant services whenever your residents need them while increasing your net operating income. Our concierges secure the building with live video monitoring and manage the main lobby and front desk through high-definition video conferencing technology. They can handle requests, collaborate with emergency services, manage visitor access, distribute packages, plus much more.

Entry Management: Get maximum security and control over who enters your multi-family residential property with our customized solution. Our trained operators manage entry into main doors and vehicle gates through a combination of video cameras, remote access, software and intercoms to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, vandalism and theft.

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Security Concerns

Security Guards

Many apartment communities rely on security guards to monitor their property, but they can be expensive and have limited coverage. Additionally, there are other constraining factors involved with guards including inadequate training, as well as a lack of trust in their ability to do the job they were hired to do. With Stealth’s live video monitoring solution, you get a team of operators to watch your cameras, so you can rest assured that your property is always being watched by trained professionals.

Security Guard Expenses

Security Expense

Drive-by patrol services are rarely on-site and can be easily bypassed. Other camera systems that are not being watched will not produce the same results as Stealth’s proven proactive solution.

Damage to Entrances/Exits

Broken gates can cost thousands to repair and leave properties vulnerable to trespassers. Stealth’s video monitoring operators are trained to identify suspicious activity at building entrances before it occurs, often communicating directly with people on-site using two-way communication to deter criminal behavior

After Hours Loitering

Late night noise and broken glass or garbage in resident common areas can not only be a nuisance but can damage a building’s reputation. Depending on the situation, Stealth operators will call police directly, communicate with people on-site using one- or two-way speaker systems, or even call to dispatch a guard from a local security guard partner. Our video analysts will provide footage to property managers, who may be able to identify on-site perpetrators.


Valuable items like computers, fitness equipment and even rent checks can be stolen from buildings. Stealth’s motion sensors can alert our monitoring operators in real time when intruders access restricted areas during set hours.


Apartment managers have an obligation to help prevent injuries on their property. This includes maintaining common areas and warning residents of hidden dangers. Stealth’s monitoring solutions can ensure that safety procedures are being followed so you can take appropriate action. In addition, recording and archiving site activities can prove useful when dealing with insurance companies or authorities during incidents such as on-site injury claims, property damage issues or accidents.

Parking Lots

Car lots are full of places to hide and are hot spots for theft. Our analytics-based cameras have the ability to pick up movements in parking lots, alerting operators to look for suspicious activity, often preventing illegal activity like break-ins or damage to vehicles.

Live Video Monitoring:

Help maintain a secure environment for tenants and staff while minimizing liability and reducing costly guard expenses. We can watch entrances, gates, parking lots, fitness centers, laundry rooms, pools, mailboxes leasing offices and other common areas.

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Our proactive solution provides:

  1. 24/7 monitoring

    Whether it’s 24/7 coverage of multiple projects or after-hours monitoring of a select location, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your property is being watched by trained specialists.

  2. Customized reports and analytics

    Get a complete understanding of what activities are happening on your sites. Stealth’s video analyst team reviews archived footage for clients to provide evidence of on-site issues, such as accidents and property damage.

  3. Operational improvements

    In addition to securing sites, Stealth’s team is always focused on other ways we can help improve your business processes. Our operators can note whether doors are left open, lights are turned off, or entryways need to be cleaned, and then provide you with timely reporting and video evidence if necessary.

  4. Quicker response times

    Live video monitoring gives authorities confirmation that there is an event happening in real time, which results in much quicker response times since the police raise the priority level when they can verify an incident in progress.

  5. Insurance savings

    Video monitoring solutions are often accepted as a valid guard replacement within the security warranties for insurance policies. Like alarm systems, any additional security measures such as virtual video surveillance may reduce your property’s premium.

  6. System health check

    We run a proactive, proprietary system health-checking program to ensure cameras, NVRs, hard drives, internet, and other on-site equipment are working as they should.

  7. Design and installation

    We specialize in turnkey solutions including the design, installation and support of surveillance services and equipment. Whether you require a completely new system to be designed from scratch or want to add a few new cameras to your existing system, we can tailor a solution that works for you.

  8. Total service

    We don’t just monitor your property, we also monitor your entire surveillance data network, including cameras and NVRs. Our multi-tiered Total Service offering provides you with unparalleled customer support.

From day one of the initial placement of cameras, on-site loitering and suspicious activity stopped entirely. We have been able to identify and target several of the quieter entrepreneurs. Sadly, one happened to be a tenant of mine. He said he would no longer be able to afford rent as he and his friends could no longer freely sell drugs in the open. What was once a safe haven for criminal-entrepreneur activity, has now been returned to a much safer environment.

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