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Attempted Vehicle Break-ins Shut Down by Remote Surveillance

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on Sep 23, 2022

We’re seeing it more and more frequently – news articles and stories of prowlers and thieves raiding parking garages, city streets, even driveways of homes – breaking into multiple vehicles and stealing electronics, cash, and any other valuables they can get their hands on. 

The suspect in the following video was clearly prepared to do just that while roaming the parking facilities of an apartment building. What he didn’t realize was that Stealth Monitoring was watching. 

Shortly before 5 a.m., a Stealth Monitoring trained security professional observed a suspicious person moving through the parking facilities of a multi-family community, shining a flashlight into multiple vehicles, and appearing to search for potential theft targets.  

The security operator quickly contacted local authorities, who arrived on scene shortly after, taking the garage prowler into custody and removing them from the area. 

With Live Video Monitoring, You Can Help Deter Criminal Activity 

Apartment buildings and other residential communities have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to security. They also heavily rely on a sense of safety and security for residents to feel comfortable renewing leases and to maintain a positive reputation.  

If your residential community experiences any car theft, vandalism, or break-ins, it can upset both your residents and your property’s reputation. Waiting until after the damage is done isn’t ideal. 

Keep your community feeling safer by incorporating a proactive security solution. Live video monitoring can help prevent and deter criminal activities before they start. Our trained security professionals and analytics-based surveillance combine, monitoring live feeds on site. This means when we see something suspicious, we can act.  

Just as you saw in the video above, when an operator spots something out of place, like a prowler shining flashlights into vehicles, they can contact the local authorities quickly and relay that they have eyes on a suspicious activity in progress. Police are provided with a level of detail that typically leads to an elevated priority for the call, meaning they often arrive on scene while suspects are still in the vicinity. 

Ready to learn more about how live video monitoring can help save you as much as 60% on security expenses while giving your residents peace of mind? Contact us for details.