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Biking Property Thief Combs Apartment Parking Garage for Open Doors

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Dec 9, 2022

According to an FBI report, as of 2020, 41% of all stolen vehicles are taken from a residential parking space – and this includes garages and other multifamily community parking facilities.  

In this Arrest of the Month video, a thief looking to gain access to multiple vehicles didn’t know that Stealth operators were watching. 

Late at night, Stealth security professionals spotted a suspect riding a bike headed into a San Diego multifamily residential parking facility. After cruising the parking garage for a few minutes observing cars, the suspect began pulling on multiple car doors. As local law enforcement was contacted, the thief was observed opening and entering a vehicle, searching it for items to steal. Police arrived on scene shortly after and took the individual into custody  

Live Video Monitoring Helps Deter Criminal Activity at Your Community 

Car theft and other vehicle-related criminal activity continues to be on the rise. Across the country, frustrated residents find their cars rifled through or stolen with increasing regularity. Unfortunately, when this happens, they may blame their property owners or managers for this unpleasant and expensive experience. 

A proactive security solution, like Stealth’s live video monitoring, can help. Just as in the case illustrated above, when our trained security monitors observe the live feeds from our cutting-edge analytics-based cameras, they can quickly respond- following site protocols- when they spot anything out of the ordinary. 

Live video monitoring allows for a real-time response. Stealth security operators watch for suspicious activity and are trained to determine the difference between casual and unwanted activity. When we contact local law enforcement, they typically elevate the priority of our calls thanks to our ability to provide live and up-to-the-minute details regarding an event or concern. 

Just as in the above example, when we contact police, they often arrive in time to catch suspects in the act or still in the area, and often before extensive damages can occur. 

Interested in learning more about this customizable and proactive security solution that can save you up to 60% on security costs? Contact an area expert with Stealth today!