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Bold! Pair Cruise Apartment Parking Lot for Open Vehicles, One Wearing High-Vis Jacket

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on May 15, 2023

According to Statista, California has the third-highest rate of vehicle thefts in the US, with 14 of every 1000 cars registered stolen in 2022. Additionally, the top ten states with the most stolen cars saw a 13% rise in vehicle thefts last year, marking an alarming upward trend.  

For multifamily residential communities, resident retention and occupancy rates rely on effective security and a safe reputation. Multifamily apartment buildings and complexes make an appealing target to thieves looking for a variety of vehicles to burglarize and steal. Watch what happens when this bold pair chose a California apartment community to browse- where Stealth’s live video monitoring was watching. 

At approximately 4:27 a.m., two individuals, one especially easy to spot thanks to their high-visibility safety jacket, were observed weaving between vehicles in the parking facilities of a California apartment community. Stealth security professionals observing the surveillance feeds activated audible warnings to deter the pair, but they continued their activity. Local police dispatch was contacted, and officers quickly responded to the area. The high-visibility jacket-wearing suspect disappeared from camera view while the second suspect can be seen attempting to hide from police. Officers were observed taking at least one of the individuals into custody. 

Help Protect Your Community’s Residents and Reputation with Proactive Security 

Few things have a worse impact on a community than a reputation for unresolved crimes and violence. What can start as simply as a few car break-ins can lead to unhappy residents posting negative online reviews that can progress, in some cases, to an expensive community rebrand.  

While vehicle theft, catalytic converter theft, and vandalism continue to spike in response to growing successes in black-market scrap sales and increased values due to limited supply, security as a priority for renters and investors alike has become a major driver in decision-making. 

Traditional security solutions may be falling short. Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can help deter and disperse criminal activity as it happens, improving security outcomes and averting potentially negative impacts on multifamily residential communities.  

Live video monitoring uses a combination of video analytics and highly trained security operators to monitor and respond to suspicious activity in real time, as it happens. Operators can sound onsite warning speakers to deter suspects from continuing in the area, and in the event that they are unresponsive, can contact local law enforcement for intervention while they continue to monitor the property.  

Thanks to our ability to provide police dispatch with detailed descriptions of suspects, vehicles, and activity live and in real time, our call priority is typically elevated, leading to faster police response times- and in many cases, arrests while trespassers and other criminals are still in the area. 

Interested in getting additional details about our innovative, cost-effective, and customizable solutions and how they can be put into use on your property? Contact us today and speak with a multifamily residential security expert for a free quote. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.