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Florida Couple Arrested for Fighting in Apartment Parking Lot

Posted by Tammy Miller on Aug 12, 2022

Your residents have the right to live in a peaceful, quiet and safe environment. When things happen to disrupt that, it could spell trouble for you.

Just before 2:00 one morning, one of our trained security professionals saw a couple having an argument in an apartment parking lot. The pair was seen moving around the lot having what appeared to be a verbal and physical altercation. At one point, the female attempted to hit the male and damaged his vehicle with an object. The male, not fighting back, drove away. Our security operator was on the phone with police while still monitoring the situation. Officers arrived minutes later and made an arrest.

Help Keep the Peace at Your Apartment

When a new resident signs a lease, there are rights and obligations that are agreed upon by both parties. There are also some basic liberties that are not stated in writing but are implied. One of them is the implied covenant of quiet enjoyment. This simply means a resident is “entitled to peace and privacy within their premises without unreasonable interference from the landlord or other tenants.”

When residents fight in your parking lot at two in the morning, that could constitute a violation of that convenient of quiet enjoyment. At the very least, it could make for unhappy residents who might go seeking a quieter, safer place to live.

You can help do something about that by implementing a proactive solution. Live video monitoring combines advanced technology with human intelligence to help deter unwanted activity in progress before damage happens. Trained monitoring operators use analytics-based cameras to watch for suspicious behavior. When they see something, they can quickly evaluate the situation and act.

As you saw in the video, our security professional spotted the altercation between the couple, monitored it, and called police to help safely diffuse it. This property also utilizes a guard service. Our monitoring operator did call to contact the guard as well but was unable to connect. The guard might have been patrolling another part of the property. However, if the guard had intervened in this incident, they would have likely put themselves in harm’s way.

Live video monitoring is a safe and effective way to help protect your apartment property. Because we can watch multiple areas of a property at the same time, we can cover more ground than one guard can, and typically for less money. Many property owners have saved up to 60 percent on their security expenses and have had much more success with live video monitoring.

Contact us if you would like more information about how we can help deter crime, minimize liability and increase your NOI.