Homeless Sleeping on Apartment Sidewalk

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on April 27, 2020

A trained security operator watching an apartment building in San Diego saw a homeless person approach the property then lie down and go to sleep next to another slumbering suspect. Our Stealth operator activated the on-site speaker warning multiple times. The suspects did not respond, so police were contacted.

The operator gave officers a description of the suspects, as well as location information. Minutes later officers arrived. They let one of the individuals go but placed the other one under arrest.

The California Homeless Crisis

In 2019, California’s homeless population totaled over 150,000. That was up 17 percent from the previous year. In an effort to fight this crisis, California lawmakers have proposed adding $2 billion annually to the state’s efforts. The money would be used for rental and housing assistance, as well as other services.

Property owners in California face many issues regarding the homeless at their properties. Among those are loitering, trash, vandalism, theft and using their property’s facilities without permission. When unauthorized people congregate at a commercial property or apartment community, tenants, residents and visitors can feel unsafe, which can have detrimental effects on NOI.

Help Deter Homeless Activities with Live Video Monitoring

To help keep unwanted activity away from your apartment community, consider live video monitoring. Using a combination of video analytics and human intelligence, Stealth security operators watch live surveillance cameras. They can see if someone is on your property who isn’t supposed to be there. Monitoring cameras in real time allows them to act immediately to help resolve the situation.

Live video monitoring can give you more coverage with less liability than an on-site guard, and typically for up to 60 percent less. Our proactive solution can also help increase the feeling of safety at your community, increase marketability, help retain residents and increase NOI.

For more information about our proactive security solutions for your multifamily residential community, contact us.

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