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Individual Caught Doing Drugs in Apartment Common Area

Posted by Eric Nauta on Jun 20, 2022

Drug dealing and drug use in apartment communities can be costly. In addition to risking the safety of residents, it can lead to a host of other problems including vandalism, theft, high turnover rates, a poor reputation and lower property values.

In this Arrest of the Month video, a man injecting drugs into his arm was no match for the long arm of the law.


A trained Stealth Monitoring security professional observed someone walk into the dog washing room at an apartment building around 12:30 in the morning. The individual was wearing a backpack and carrying a bicycle. He set both down on the floor and began using an unknown substance. Due to the nature of the activity, our monitoring operator called the on-site guard, but there was no response. Our operator then called local police.

While the suspect sat on the floor injecting something into his arm, responding officers arrived. Police entered the room where they found the individual and placed him under arrest.

A Proactive Response to Drug Use and Other Criminal Activity

The presence and persistence of drug use at an apartment community can disturb other residents, which in turn can damage your property’s reputation and your investment. When law-abiding residents feel threatened or unsafe where they live, it could drive them away, leaving you with costly vacancies.

A proactive security system, like live video monitoring, can help deter criminal activity such as drug dealing/use, vandalism, damage and theft. When property staff leaves at night, our solution takes over. Trained monitoring operators use analytics-based cameras to watch the property in real time. Our security professionals can monitor multiple areas of the community simultaneously to catch activity in progress.

If we see something, such as someone doing drugs in one of the common areas, we can immediately act. In the above video, our operator followed site protocols and alerted the on-site guard. When there was no response, the operator called police.

When police receive a call from Stealth, they know we have video verification of a crime, so they tend to elevate its priority and send officers as soon as possible. This often results in their arrival while the perpetrators are still there.

In addition, our cameras continue to record even during non-monitoring hours. If something should happen during the day, our video analysts can search through all relevant footage and provide you with an edited clip. This is especially beneficial for police investigations and insurance claims.

If you are experiencing any type of unwanted activity at your property and your current security solution isn’t as effective as it should be, contact us. We will be happy to provide more information about the benefits of live video monitoring – including how it can save you up to 60 percent on your security expenses.