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Live Video Monitoring Catches Security Guard Asleep on the Job

Posted by Amy Hite on Dec 2, 2022

There are a variety of reasons that traditional security guards can present potential liability as a means to securing your business or property. Both commercial and residential property managers are obligated to maintain a safe environment that keeps tenants and residents secure and protected from dangerous conditions. Our live monitoring solution caught one guard literally asleep on the job. 

In the video above, our Stealth security professionals spotted the onsite guard hired by one of our clients getting more than just a little comfortable while they were supposed to be at work. While in full view of the surveillance footage, this guard grabbed a blanket, kicked off his shoes, and settled onto a common area couch for a nap. Not quite the kind of security the client had been expecting. 

Save up to 60% and Get Better Results with Live Video Monitoring 

There are risks associated with security guards – and that they won’t take the job seriously or fall asleep when they’re meant to be protecting your property aren’t the only ones. They are sometimes reluctant to act because they are not trained to deal with certain types of dangerous situations, they are only able to physically be in one space at a time, and the wages, insurance, and training fees can make them cost-prohibitive for many businesses. 

Proactive live video monitoring, on the other hand, relies on a combination of cutting-edge analytic cameras and trained security operators monitoring live feeds to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior throughout your property, taking action when they spot anything unusual. Despite having a more complete field of coverage, the costs associated with our security solution is often from 25-60% less expensive than traditional security guards.  

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