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Meet Stealth Multifamily Security Experts at IMN’s Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (West)

Stealth Monitoring’s multifamily security specialists will be on hand at IMN’s Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (West) in Santa Monica, December 6-7, 2021. We would love to meet you and share more about our live video monitoring solutions.

Multifamily Property Challenges

No one will argue that this past year was challenging to say the least. Residential property owners and managers were affected as much or maybe more than those in other industries. From residents struggling to pay rent to dealing with social distancing, conducting virtual tours and handling maintenance issues, there was certainly no playbook for how to deal with these challenges. One thing that has not changed, however, is the need to maintain a safe and secure community.

Live Video Monitoring: An Effective Contactless Security Solution

Stealth Monitoring offers a proactive, contactless, security solution. In simple terms, we watch your property in real time, when you’re not there, to help deter crime and other unwanted behavior — for up to 60% less than the cost of guards.

Trained security operators, located in a remote monitoring center, watch analytics-based cameras to catch crimes before they happen. We can dispatch police in real time, activate speakers, as well as contact security guards or your team to respond.

We can even perform concierge duties, including:

  • Entry Management
  • Resident Assistance
  • Amenity Management

Meet Us at the Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (West)

We look forward to seeing you in California. We’d love to meet and determine if our solution would be a good fit for any of your communities.

If you can’t make it and would like information about our proactive multifamily security solutions, contact us.

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