Real Estate Security and Success

Posted by Rick Charney on October 8, 2015

Any good real estate owner knows that there are several keys to real estate security and success.

To make money in real estate You must have:

  • The right education in finance, urban development, business management or construction management
  • Industry work experience, where you can observe real estate buying and selling,
  • Money to invest,
  • The proper licensing, and
  • Extensive market knowledge in the town you plan to invest in

However, even when a developer has all these things, he must use sales strategy to attract the right tenants to his property and find real estate security and success.

Zig Ziglar once said:

"You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.”

As an owner, you want nice tenants, that pay on time and take good care of your property. Most people like this want to pay affordable rent, yet live in a nice location, that's convenient to shopping and a good quality of life. In addition, they want to feel safe in their homes with real estate security.

Many states require landlords to provide rental units with deadbolt locks. They also require you to have exterior lighting and possibly clear landscaping that doesn't give criminals a place to hide outside of your building. However, this is the bare minimum.

Real estate property owners have found financial security in real estate security. Property security provides both peace of mind and high-end service to Class A properties and reduces crime at Class C properties. A security guard is an incomplete solution.

  • Security guards are insurance liabilities,
  • Each security guard can only be one place at a time,
  • If the guard that's on duty gets injured, he can't collect the evidence you need to catch the crook, and
  • Security guards sometimes fall asleep while monitoring your cameras

The Better Real Estate Security Choice

If you're like many real estate owners, you realize that there are some niches - like the conservative college student/grad student (near campus housing), the elderly, and the upscale and affluent - that are more profitable for quality renters. High-quality real estate security such as live video surveillance can help you attract these very people.

In addition real estate security with real-time video monitoring will let you know what’s going on at your property to help you reduce your liability. Video recordings can help you investigate legal claims and accidents. All these elements can help secure success and real estate security.

Stealth Monitoring is a leader in proactive live surveillance with 9,000 video cameras watched. Real-time monitoring can detect and deter crime while reducing real estate security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity like theft and crime , activate a speaker warning to deter the thieves, and call the local police.

Please contact Stealth today for more information to protect your real estate property. Visit our web site to see actual videos of criminals being apprehended at apartment buildings, shopping centers, car dealers, self storage, and industrial properties, as well as other businesses.