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Midnight Commotion at South Dakota Multifamily Community Escalates, Police are Called

Posted by Tammy Miller on Aug 17, 2023

While late night gatherings, hallway commotions, and wild midnight ruckus may not be seen as problematic for residents of student dorms in a college party town, most residents in multifamily residential housing aren’t looking for that kind of atmosphere in their community.  

With any space that contains a multitude of different residents, occasional disturbances may happen. Such is life in a close community. However, early intervention in domestic disturbances is important to protect the quiet enjoyment of other residents, as well as the reputation of the building or community. 

Watch what happened when a large gathering of teens at a South Dakota apartment community escalated into a physical altercation that Stealth caught on camera. 

At approximately 11:45 p.m., Stealth security professionals observing a South Dakota apartment community noticed several individuals entering and exiting one of the units, moving up and down the hallways, and entering and leaving the building, indicating some kind of gathering or party. It appeared as though some of the individuals were residents, but the situation quickly escalated and resulted in a physical altercation. Stealth operators immediately contacted local police and informed them of the situation in progress. Officers arrived on the scene shortly after the call was placed and were observed on camera making contact with the individuals and taking one of them into custody. 

Help Assure Your Residents are Safe and Secure at Home with a Proactive Security Solution 

Stealth’s live video monitoring solution can be the proactive intervention your community needs. Rather than wait for criminal or unwanted activity to occur before responding, live video monitoring is a proactive solution that uses a combination of cutting-edge video analytics to determine activity rather than simple movement, and trained security professionals monitoring surveillance to respond to suspicious activity in real time.   

Operators can sound onsite alarms, which often results in immediate dispersal. When this step is ignored or goes unheeded, we can contact local police dispatch and provide them with live details and descriptions of suspicious or criminal activity, which typically results in a faster police response time.  

Just as in the video above, officers often arrive on scene before any damage or destruction occurs, intervening in domestic disturbances, making arrests before suspects escape, and improving overall security outcomes.   

Interested in learning more about a customizable, effective security solution for your property that can save you up to 60% on security costs? Contact us today for details or to schedule a consultation with a multifamily residential security expert.  

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