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Midnight Brawlers in Dallas Apartment Community Caught on Live Video

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Jan 16, 2023

There are many reasons that a potential resident may choose your community as their new home- but there are just as many reasons they may choose to rent from a different property. The reputation and perceived environment and social concerns of your multifamily residential community can make a significant impact on whether tenants choose your property as their home. 

Fights in the common spaces or parking facilities don’t quite inspire a greater sense of community. Property owners and managers can benefit from proactive security that can help resolve these issues.  


In this video, it’s just after midnight in a Dallas community when Stealth trained security operators spotted multiple individuals exiting the apartment building and spilling into the parking lot in what quickly becomes a physical altercation. The audible alarms were activated as the fight escalated, with five people, three of whom were shirtless, engaged in the fray. Operators also contacted local police dispatch with details of the on-going situation, and within minutes law enforcement and paramedics arrived. One of the individuals was taken into police custody while paramedics assisted another.  

Help Protect Your Multifamily Community with Live Video Monitoring 

Improving the security measures in your community can have a variety of benefits. Residential communities with a reputation as being safe increase their marketability and can reduce vacancy rates. Residents and potential tenants are more likely to choose a community that has better overall security, and liabilities and damages can be significantly reduced by proactive security solutions like live video monitoring. 

Live video monitoring is a proactive and intelligent video monitoring security solution that uses a combination of analytics-based cameras and trained security professionals to help reduce and deter criminal or unwanted activity as it happens. Stealth’s trained operators monitor live surveillance that detects activity rather than simple movement. When they spot anything suspicious, they can activate on-site audible warnings. If that that isn’t enough to deter or disperse the unwanted behavior, they can contact local law enforcement.  

Police dispatch typically elevates the priority of our calls, thanks to our live-feed confirmation of activity. Just as in the example above, police often arrive on site in time to catch criminals in the act, or still in the vicinity.  

Best of all, live video monitoring can save your community up to 60% on security costs when compared to traditional security measures. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for details or to schedule a consultation with a multifamily community expert. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.