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Philadelphia Security Cameras Not Seen in Restaurant Crime Wave

Posted by Rick Charney on Feb 10, 2017

No security cameras were reported as Chinese-American residents and business owners were victims of the Philadelphia crime wave.

The string of robberies and harassments have occurred since October. The areas hit were in northeast, northwest, and southwest Philadelphia. A former democratic congressional candidate recently testified on behalf of the robber victims at a public hearing. The candidate said, “These incidents will continue indefinitely unless we change the macro-environment of gun violence, drugs and unemployment.”

More than 100 Chinese restaurants have been impacted.

More than 100 Chinese restaurants or takeout stores have been targeted by the Philadelphia crime spree. The armed gangs focus on family owned businesses where the article did not reported any security or cameras. The victims were brutally beaten by the suspects. Children of the some of the Chinese restaurant owners were also assaulted during the robberies. The children were grabbed by the hair and pushed into a wall, because the suspects thought they had cash. The former candidate said that the victims were traumatized. ” They just want a safe environment where they can do business.”

Philadelphia Police have come up with a plan to help the restaurant owners.

A non-profit community group representative said that the Philadelphia Police have come up with a plan to help the restaurant owners even though they don’t have security cameras. So far two suspects have been arrested in connection to the targeted Philadelphia crime.

Philadelphia crime is one of the highest in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the overall Philadelphia crime is one of the highest in the United States. Philadelphia’s violent crime rate is the highest in the United States. The Philadelphia police commissioner said that gang activity increased, especially in south Philadelphia. The city leaders are standing firm, and won’t surrender to the culture of violence. One councilman was quoted saying, “I hate teddy bear memorials. I hate explaining to a parent why they prematurely lost their child – in particularly innocent victims who are just in the way.”

During a holiday weekend, six people were shot in 12 hours. None of the reported shootings were fatal. These shooting suspects are still at large.

In 2015, 692 people were shot. Out of those 692 Philadelphia crime victims, 161 died. That is an increase from 2014. These numbers were 621 and 149 respectively. Despite the increase, the Philadelphia crime rate is lower than seven years ago.

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