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Stealth Monitoring Supports Habitat for Humanity GTA for 15th Year

Posted by Sidney Sommer on Apr 13, 2022

Soaring home prices and rising interest rates have made home ownership out of reach for many in the Greater Toronto area. Just how bad is it? An article in The Toronto Sun says “Only 2 percent of the 230,000 units built or approved in the last 5 years are affordable.” This makes the work of Habitat for Humanity GTA more important than ever.

Since 1988, Habitat for Humanity GTA has been uniting volunteers, community partners and donors to build affordable housing and inclusive communities throughout the Greater Toronto area. Their builds include townhomes, as well as high and mid-rise developments. Their mission is to “mobilize volunteers and communities to help working, lower income families build strength, stability and self-reliance through affordable homeownership.”

A Proud Partnership with Habitat for Humanity GTA for 15 Years

Stealth Monitoring Founder/Managing Director Sidney Sommer has been an advocate for the nonprofit organization for over a decade. Last month, Sidney presented a check on behalf of Stealth to Habitat for Humanity GTA in the amount of $10,000. This is the 15th year Sidney and the team at Stealth have helped the organization fulfill their vision to create a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

Stealth’s construction security solution is used at Habitat’s Toronto-area projects to help ensure the equipment, people, as well as the projects themselves are safe and secure. When the builds are completed, Stealth presents sponsors with a time-lapse video of the entire project from start to finish.

“Creating safer communities is truly at the core of our business and the heart of Habitat for Humanity GTA which has made this an affable partnership,” says Sidney. “We are so proud to continue our support of such a worthwhile organization.”

Securing Peace of Mind for Our Customers – Anywhere, Anytime

As the leader in technology-driven commercial video surveillance, Stealth’s proactive and intelligent video monitoring solution helps detect and deter crime in real time to secure peace of mind for our customers – anywhere, anytime. Our combination of technology, human intelligence and efficient processes has been successful at deterring over 35,000 crimes and facilitating more than 800 arrests every year for apartment buildings, automotive dealerships, construction sites, shopping centers, industrial facilities and other businesses with outdoor assets.

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