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Knife-Wielding Suspect Caught Hiding in Apartment Laundry Room 

Posted by Tammy Miller on Mar 8, 2023

When residents return to their homes in your multifamily residential community, they expect to feel safe. The last thing any community member wants to be confronted with after a long day is criminal activity just outside their doors. Unfortunately, criminals may target amenities and community spaces for a variety of nefarious purposes. 

Whether it’s theft of equipment, a place to use substances, or just a place to crash for the night, trespassing and loitering issues abound in the multifamily residential industry. So, how can you help safely resolve these concerns? 

Just before 4:00 a.m., an alert Stealth security professional spotted an individual tampering with a door on a Florida apartment community’s property. Within moments it became clear that this individual was behaving incredibly suspiciously, hiding inside one of the laundry facilities and ultimately moving a washing machine in order to block the door. A closer look at the footage revealed that the suspect was wielding a knife. Stealth’s operator immediately contacted local police dispatch with details of the incident in progress. Officers arrived on site minutes later, making contact with and ultimately arresting the suspect. 

Help Keep Your Residents and Your Community Safe with Live Video Monitoring 

While courtesy patrols and traditional security systems may help deter some criminal activity, they’re limited in their ability to deal with activity as it happens. Most security systems are reactive or rely on limited visibility. Live video monitoring, however, is a proactive security solution. 

With Stealth’s live video monitoring, highly trained security professionals monitor key areas of your community using cutting-edge video analytics that are designed to register activity rather than simple movement. When our operators spot suspicious or unusual activity, they can take immediate action, sounding audible warnings or contacting local police dispatch when needed.  

The ability to spot and respond to unwanted behavior or activity in real-time can help deter and disperse criminals before they break in or do damage. Additionally, when our operators contact police dispatch, they are able to provide up-to-the-minute details regarding location and description of subjects, which typically results in elevated call priority and faster police responses.  

Officers often arrive on site while suspects remain in the area, which means less opportunity for them to escape or elude capture. Stealth’s live video monitoring also has a department that reviews relevant cameras in the case of an incident and provides a summary of the event and police report data if available, which is especially useful when dealing with liability concerns and insurance claims.  

Comprehensive, customizable, and cost-effective, live video monitoring is a security solution that can help residents and community managers and owners feel confident that security is well handled. Interested in learning more about how you can save up to 60% on security spend when compared to traditional measures? Contact us today.  Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.