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Arrest of Suspect Using Drugs in Apartment Building Laundry Room

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Apr 20, 2022

Most apartment community owners and managers have adopted no-tolerance policies around harmful behaviors that could lead to dangerous situations. These could include no guns or illegal drugs allowed any place on the property.

In the following video, an individual was “living it up” in the laundry room by taking what appeared to be illegal drugs. Stealth’s proactive remote video surveillance solution, however, was “on guard,” and caught the activity on camera. One of our operators quickly acted, ending this individual’s fun.

Around 1:30 in the morning, one of our well-trained security operators saw an individual in the laundry room of an apartment community. The individual placed what looked like drug paraphernalia on top of the counter and then hovered over the trash receptacle, appearing to use some sort of drug.

Our operator contacted local police dispatch to report in-progress drug use in the apartment community’s laundry room.

The suspect returned to the countertop and fiddled around with the objects that were placed there. He paced to the door, returned to the trash receptacle and then back to the door and exited the laundry room.

Our operator switched to a different camera and continued to watch as the suspect stood outside. A police officer quickly arrived, approached and apprehended the individual. Then, a group of officers escorted him off the property.

Remote Video Monitoring Helps Balance Amenity Availability and Safety

Apartment owners and managers strive to accommodate their residents and their schedules with their amenities. After all, amenities are one of the top things people take into consideration when shopping for an apartment home. With common areas such as laundry rooms, mail and package rooms, etc., most residents want open availability to come and go as they please, but safely. This can be a difficult task for owners and managers to accomplish as these areas are often plagued with repetitive security-related challenges.

As seen in this video, instead of a resident doing their laundry, an individual was found using illegal drugs. Had Stealth’s live video surveillance security solution not been installed and used, it is likely that this individual would not have been seen and deterred. This sets up other residents who could have entered the laundry room for potential danger.

Our live video monitoring solution is customized according to your apartment community. It works in real time, capturing events as they happen, as well as records and archives the data for later review and use.

During in-progress events, highly trained Stealth security operators watch and assess the activity. Based on pre-determined protocol, when they see a behavior or activity that warrants intervention, they immediately act. This could include activating on site speaker warnings, calling local police dispatch to report an in-progress situation, and contacting on-call employees.

Recorded event data can be used to train employees and staff. Also, if there is a particular event that is needed, our video specialists can extract the event and send a video clip of it with a professionally written report. These can be used for liability purposes, submitted to insurance companies, used in court, etc.

Contact our multifamily residential security specialists today for more information about our live video surveillance solution – the solution that provides the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability.