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Apartment Common Area Computer Theft Thwarted with Live Video Monitoring

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on Nov 11, 2022

When selecting a place to live, residents consider a variety of factors. Is the community safe? Are there amenities, like business centers, gyms, pools, or a clubhouse? In this Arrest of the Month video, a shady individual attempted to disrupt more than one of those factors, but unfortunately for him, Stealth was watching.

Just before 3:00 a.m., Stealth security professionals were alerted to an individual forcibly accessing the door to a Salt Lake City apartment community’s common area. Onsite alarms were sounded, but the individual boldly carried on, scouring the room for valuables. He closed the blinds to hide his activity, but Stealth’s operators had already contacted guards and local police. While the suspect had an eye on snatching a computer from the space, police had already arrived, and ultimately took him into custody.

Help Keep Your Residents Feeling Secure in Their Community with Proactive Measures

Multifamily residential communities take care to maintain amenities for their residents. Residents know what is going on in their community, and if they feel unsafe – or observe damages due to a theft or break-in in common spaces- they’re going to lose faith in the security measures being taken to protect them.

When residents are uncomfortable with the level of security in their communities, they’ll be waiting out their leases and looking to move elsewhere. Proactive security solutions like live video monitoring can help.

Using a combination of analytics-based cameras that watch for activity rather than simple movement, and the human intelligence of trained security professionals monitoring the surveillance, Stealth’s solution allows for a more proactive and responsive way to approach security.

Rather than waiting for theft, trespassing, vandalism, damages, or other unwanted activity to occur, Stealth’s security professionals watch for suspicious activity and can respond quickly when they spot anything unusual.

Thanks to the ability to provide police dispatch with live, up-to-the-minute information about criminal activity as it’s happening, law enforcement typically raises the priority level of our calls, and often arrive on site in time to catch suspects while they’re still in the area.

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