Advanced Customer Support To Save You Time

Stealth has provided clients, insurance companies, and police with tens of thousands of documented video review evidence files for more than a decade. Our video review department is available to provide advanced customer support. Cameras record site activities on a local NVR which can be very valuable, especially when fighting costly liability claims. Our analysts can save you time by studying footage and data to respond to investigation requests more efficiently.

During Monitoring Hours

When unusual or criminal activity occurs during monitoring hours, our team prepares an edited video outlining the activity and sends it to the client with a written summary.

Video reviews often require our analysts to pull hours of raw footage from multiple cameras on a site, then analyze and edit it into a condensed clip that tells a short story of the incident. Often, video reports are shared with police to help arrest suspects and the customer can use the evidence to more effectively prosecute the criminals.

Non-Monitoring Hours

Theft, vandalism and accidents are common events that can occur on sites during business hours. Instead of having staff spend time sorting through archived video, Stealth’s dedicated video review team will search through a reasonable number of hours of video footage on your behalf to investigate any issues you have and present you with the result.

Common uses of our video review team include employee theft, verifying deliveries, and providing video evidence to defend against fraudulent workplace injury claims, unlocked gates and last-to-leave reviews.

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Why Choose

01 Centrally Managed or Hosted Solutions

Gives you all the benefits of an access system with the added convenience of being centrally-managed by three redundant monitoring centers, freeing up your time to focus on your core business. All system transactions are conveniently processed over the Internet.

02 No Upfront Equipment Costs

With Stealth, you get a customized security solution that includes state-of-the art equipment, real-time monitoring, video review and software for one all-inclusive monthly rate with no upfront costs or hidden fees. It’s peace of mind for less.

03 Ongoing Support

Our service doesn’t end after the sale. We know it takes more than great products to help you succeed — it also takes great support. Our team of professionals and experienced customer and technical support specialists are always at your service.

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