Manage Your People and Monitor Your Building

Maximize security for your office building, industrial site or apartment complex with a remote gate control solution from Stealth. Many businesses and multi-family residential properties use access systems to control entry and exit from doors and gates, a job typically handled by a keypad or an on-site guard. Using our video surveillance system, our trained security operators can perform the same functions, but at a fraction of the cost. Our tailored solution allows you to control who comes in and leaves your property to deter crime and ensure the safety of employees and tenants.

  • Cost-effective way to replace security guards at compound entry/exit points
  • Driver verification and identification/credential verification
  • Correct trailer/tractor validation with loading dock directions upon entry/exit
  • Live inspection of tractor/trailer movement to identify damage to equipment or property
  • Customizable security service protocols and reporting

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Enterprise Access & Gate Solutions

A challenge for any transportation and logistics hub is the management of its own personnel and cargo drivers. Our enterprise gate access control can track movement in, around and out of your facility:

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  • Driver verification and validation upon entering the gate
  • Time-stamped footage is stored and can be easily accessed for reports and site checks
  • Strategically positioned cameras allow the operator to follow driver activity as he passes through the site
  • Upon exit, driver ID is again verified
  • One final check to ensure no damage occurs during the exit procedure
  • Every detail is watched as it happens and can be reported back to staff site

Integrated Access Control Solutions

Today’s access control systems do more than lock and unlock doors. They provide users with a convenient way to manage their employees and building activity. Not only do remote access control solutions reduce the risk of unauthorized site access, vandalism and theft, but they can also be used to create detailed reports that highlight employee misconduct and help ensure company guidelines are adhered to. Access control systems are useful across a multitude of industries, including shopping centers, apartment buildings, transportation & logistics centers, warehouses, retailers, construction sites and storage facilities. Our technology can often work with your current systems and can be combined with part-time guard services or other remote video monitoring solutions to best meet your needs.

Remote access and gate control solutions can work in conjunction with Stealth’s video monitoring team to help deal with situations regarding site access in real-time as well as with our video review team to aid in investigations with unauthorized activity, site accidents or missing property.

Why Choose

01 Centrally Managed or Hosted Solutions

Gives you all the benefits of an access system with the added convenience of being centrally-managed by three redundant monitoring centers, freeing up your time to focus on your core business. All system transactions are conveniently processed over the Internet.

02 No Upfront Equipment Costs

With Stealth, you get a customized security solution that includes state-of-the art equipment, real-time monitoring, video review and software for one all-inclusive monthly rate with no upfront costs or hidden fees. It’s peace of mind for less.

03 Ongoing Support

Our service doesn’t end after the sale. We know it takes more than great products to help you succeed — it also takes great support. Our team of professionals and experienced customer and technical support specialists are always at your service.

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