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Your Monthly Dispatch Video: Repeat Crowbar Burglary Prevented, One Arrested

Stealth tracks property incidents and local crime trends as part of our multi-tiered Total Service program. It helps us deter and reduce crime, as our serial shopping center burglars learned below.

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Repeat Crowbar Burglary Prevented, One Arrested

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Stealth Monitoring watches several thousand cameras coast to coast. As a result, we're able to work with clients to maintain custom property surveillance protocols based on previous incidents, type of property, local and national crime trends, and time of year. A Stealth operator recognized the van at this shopping center as one associated with past burglaries.

Video: Shopping center cameras catch Dancing Trespasser

Unauthorized visitors, such as this shopping center vagrant, homeless people, bored kids, and trespassers, are an important concern for commercial real estate owners. >> WATCH

Live video control center delivers business surveillance security

Stealth's live video control center watches and manages thousands of video cameras. Control center software constantly check cameras and equipment to ensure they’re working and correctly operating. >> READ MORE



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"Stealth Monitoring watches 4 of our commercial real estate properties and has been vital in reducing security guard expenses. They activate speakers warning unwanted trespassers that they are being watched every week. Stealth has deterred crime numerous times on our properties. We continue to be long term partners to improve the overall shopping experience."
- Sr. Property Manager, Shopping Center

About Stealth

Stealth Monitoring, headquartered in Dallas, TX, was founded in 2006 to provide world-class surveillance services and technology. Stealth is a leader in live video monitoring for the commercial security industry with over 15,000 watched digital cameras nationwide. Stealth monitors cameras proactively to try to reduce and deter crime and has often been able to telephone police to arrest criminals in real time. Stealth calls to dispatch police every night, which often results in an arrest.

Clients include shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings, industrial facilities, apartments, auto dealers, schools, and other businesses with outdoor assets. They range from large global enterprises to single location companies. Stealth clients can reduce external and internal theft, vandalism, and property damage, as well as reduce or eliminate guard expenses.

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