We Partner with Police to Create Safer Communities

Stealth Monitoring staff includes some former law enforcement officers and military personnel. Training our staff is a never-ending process. We work directly with police departments for optimal response. Stealth directly dials local police department communications centers so we don’t tie up critical 911 operators. When police receive a call from Stealth they know we’re watching live. It’s an incident in progress and not a false alarm. So they can respond quickly and with the force and number of officers needed. It’s not uncommon to have K9 units and helicopters involved with our apprehensions.

Stealth Monitoring supervisors call to dispatch police every night. Our trained operators can stay on the phone to direct officers to where the incident is occurring. They can provide real-time information, such as the number, location, description, and activity of suspects, make/model/color of vehicles, and the location of weapons or equipment.

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