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Illegal Gambling and Loitering in a Shopping Center Parking Lot

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Nov 7, 2018

Proactive video surveillance can keep a watchful eye on your property when you and your staff have gone home for the night.

In this video, our trained security operators saw a group of men hanging out in the parking lot of a Dallas, Texas shopping center. One of them was drinking and dancing, one was sitting on the hood of a car, another was cleaning the tires on his vehicle, and a few appeared to be gambling. Our operators called the Dallas police who arrived at the property and made an arrest.

Loitering is a common problem at shopping centers and many businesses. While it may seem harmless, it can have negative effects on a property, not to mention it can lead to other violations and crime, like vandalism and property damage.

Proactive video surveillance is a cost-effective solution that can deter unwanted criminal activity. Trained security operators remotely watch surveillance cameras in real time, often from vantage points that may not be accessible to a traditional security guard. If they see anything unusual, they can activate a speaker warning and call local police.

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