Police Arrest Shopping Center Vandals with Live Video Monitoring

At 1:06am, two trespassers walk on Fairfield, California shopping center property. The businesses are closed for the night. The trespassers loiter behind a column. Stealth Monitoring calls the Fairfield Police.

The loiterers walk around the California shopping center. One trespasser vandalizes a retail store window. The trespassers walk away from the California shopping center. A Stealth Monitoring operator follows their movements with an outdoor PTZ camera.

The Fairfield Police arrive at the California shopping center. A responding officers frisks one suspect. The vandal is placed in the back of the police squad car.

Another police officer examines the shopping center. The officer takes photos of the vandalized areas. Fairfield Police leave the California shopping center.

Trespassers at a Fairfield, California shopping center vandalize a retail store window. A Stealth Monitoring operator notifies police and tracks the vandals using a PTZ camera.

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