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The Effects of Crime on the Transportation Industry

Cargo theft is a very costly problem. According to CargoNet, the value of all cargo that was stolen during the third quarter of 2020 in North America was approximately $33.77 million. That number is higher than it was for 2019. Most likely, the increase was caused by the pandemic.

Thieves are no longer just targeting trucks in transit or even ones that are parked. Cargo thefts are also taking place at warehouses, as well as distribution and logistics facilities. What’s being taken is often never recovered. Perhaps it’s because most states don’t have a cargo theft task force.

Theft isn’t the only problem affecting the industry. There are issues with:

  • Security guards
  • Liability
  • COVID-19

This white paper takes a deeper dive into these issues, as well as how to help deter them. In addition, we explore the latest trends impacting the industry today.

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