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The Top 6 Challenges in Mining and How to Solve Them

Mining operations face unique challenges that no other industry experiences. For starters, operations are often spread over vast areas, and may be located at great distances from first responders. Additionally, the site most likely contains large machines and vehicles. Visibility can also be limited by piles of rocks and dust, not to mention the potential for extreme weather conditions. All of these can create a hazardous environment for the people who work there.

Miner safety isn’t the only challenge those in the mining industry must contend with. There are also perimeter and equipment security issues, mineral theft, illegal mining and cyber threats to round out the top six.

Because every mining operation is different, security and safety solutions must be tailored for each mine. For instance, open-pit mines put emphasis on access control systems. Underground mines place a higher priority on people location management and gas leak detection. Off-shore mines focus on meeting and maintaining safety standards.

This guide takes a deeper dive into each of the top six challenges, as well as steps that can help maximize safety and security.

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