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Your Complete Guide to Securing Your Office

What Goes into An Effective Office Security Solution?

It’s the building owner’s and property management’s responsibility to help keep their tenants safe. Unfortunately, office theft is on the rise. That’s because today’s criminals are becoming more sophisticated in an attempt to keep up with evolving security technology.

Theft, vandalism, liability, parking lot incidents, damage to entrances, site accidents and costly security guards can all impact maintenance and repair costs, as well as lower property values. It all can negatively affect your ROI. So, how can you improve your building security to help protect yourself, your property and your tenants?

This guide takes a deeper dive into the many challenges property managers and owners face and offers eight things to do to create an effective security program.

You’re aware of the importance of video cameras for general security and safety, damage and theft prevention, and deterring crime. However, with today’s technology, security cameras can do much more than just catch criminals, including helping to:

  • Cut risks and liability
  • Save on insurance premiums
  • Increase productivity and customer service
  • Manage access
  • Support branding and marketing
  • Make your property less of a target

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