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An Attempted Break-In, A Smashed Window and an Arrest.

Posted by Rick Charney on Dec 17, 2019

With no one around to prevent damage and theft, properties that are not monitored can be vulnerable to after-hours break-ins.

An individual carrying a flashlight arrived at a Houston shopping center after hours. He was seen behind the property trying to access one of the back doors. He bent down to pick up a large wooden board and walked to another door. Our trained Stealth security operator was watching and sounded the on-site speaker warning. However, the suspect paid no attention to the alert and proceeded to the front of the property. The monitoring operator called police while continuing to track his movement in real time using a pan-tilt-zoom camera.

The individual approached a store van parked in the lot. With board in hand, he smashed in the driver’s side window of the vehicle, then walked to the storefront. A Houston police officer arrived and exited his car with gun drawn. He approached the suspect and placed him under arrest.

Help Protect Your Property with Live Video Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring works in partnership with local police. Our trained operators can provide officers with live updates and information about suspects, including clothing, activity, vehicle description and whether they are armed. When police receive a call from Stealth, they know we are watching an incident in progress and therefore, it’s not a false alarm. That means they can respond quickly, often arriving on the property before major damage occurs.

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