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Apartment Fight Ends in a TKO

Posted by Carl Stahlbrand on Apr 20, 2020

In this month’s video, a security guard escorts two people out of an apartment building then watches as they throw punches.

Two individuals were seen being escorted from the lobby of an apartment building by a security guard around 3:45 in the morning. Once outside, the female suspect took off her jacket in preparation for a fight. An altercation ensued between the couple once the male exited the building. The on-site guard stood by as punches were thrown.

A trained Stealth security operator was watching and contacted police.

Having security guards onsite at your property can help ensure the safety of your staff and residents. However, many apartment owners and managers choose to supplement their guard services with live video monitoring.

The guard then helped the female suspect walk back into the building. A second guard appeared just as officers arrived.

The individuals were questioned by police, then placed under arrest.

Security Guards Can’t Always Do It Alone

There are no federal guidelines for guard training in the U.S. Many states recommend security guards receive approximately eight hours of pre-assignment training, eight to sixteen hours of on-the-job training, and eight hours of annual training. In Canada, every province requires a training program that is 40 hours of education and includes CPR and First Aid certifications.

In addition, for liability reasons, guards may not be able to interfere in altercations that occur on their watch. They can become injured or can injure someone else, which can make them expensive liabilities. This is one of the many reasons many property owners choose to include live video monitoring as part of their security solution.

Enhance Your Security Solution with Live Video Monitoring

Live video monitoring can be used to augment or replace traditional security guards. Stealth Monitoring leverages state-of-the-art video technology, advanced analytics, and human intelligence to help identify and deter crime before it happens. Trained security operators watch live cameras from a remote location, safely out of harm’s way. If they see something suspicious, they can act immediately and appropriately.

Live video monitoring provides a proactive response, extensive site coverage and quicker police response times for up to 60% less than the cost of traditional guards. If you would like more information about a comprehensive security solution for your apartment community, contact us.