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Apartment Loiterer — So You Think You Can Dance

Posted by Eric Nauta on Jan 20, 2020

In this video, a suspect uses an apartment courtyard as his stage for his performance art.

A suspicious individual was spotted by a Stealth security operator sliding under the entry gate of a Houston apartment community. He was then seen in the courtyard of the property squatting and performing odd movements, including balancing on his chest with his arms and legs raised off the ground.

Our trained monitoring operator contacted Houston police. In the meantime, the suspect found his way to the pool area and sat on a bench near the fire pit. Officers arrived minutes later. They handcuffed the individual, escorted him to the patrol car and drove off the property.

Deterring Criminal Activity with Live Video Surveillance

Late-night visitors to an apartment community can be a nuisance. Not only that, trespassing can be a gateway to vandalism and theft. Your tenants could feel uncomfortable and unsafe if they see people loitering at their place of residence.

While fences and gates are a great first line of defense, they can’t always prevent entry. Live video monitoring operators, watching cameras in real time, can act as soon as they see something suspicious. That means activating on-site speaker warnings or calling police directly. They can even stay on the line with responding officers to help them find the suspect.

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