Apartment Security: Fitness Center Fun

Posted by Norm Charney on October 22, 2019

In this month’s video, a couple finds themselves in a precarious situation in their apartment fitness center.

A trained Stealth security operator saw a male suspect enter a Forth Worth apartment fitness center after hours. Moments later, he opened the door for a female companion. The couple proceeded to take off their clothes. Based on their inappropriate behavior, our operator contacted the Fort Worth police. After officers questioned the couple, the woman was released. The male individual was taken away in handcuffs.

Common areas at apartment communities like laundry rooms, leasing offices, and fitness centers can be vulnerable to unwanted activity. Each of these areas houses expensive assets that can affect the image of a property.

Security guards are common solutions for many multifamily residential properties. While human presence can be a good crime deterrent, guards are not always the most effective solution. Because they can only be in one area of the property at a time, they often miss things that are taking place in other areas. In addition, their hourly rate can be cost-prohibitive.

Live video monitoring is a proven solution that uses a combination of video analytics and human intelligence. Trained security operators watch surveillance cameras in real time to catch activity in progress and act accordingly, as seen in the video. We can also provide footage of incidents to help with liability issues. It can all be accomplished for up to 60% less than traditional guards.

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