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See How Stealth Can Decrease Operational Expenses at Apartmentalize 2018!

Multifamily property managers deal with a variety of issues, from property damage, maintenance and access control to tenant retention, liability claims and providing a safe environment for residents and guests.

No matter what type of multifamily residential property you own or manage, Stealth Monitoring has a security solution for you. We will be exhibiting these, as well as offering free consultations at Apartmentalize 2018. The conference, hosted by the National Apartment Association (NAA), will bring multifamily property professionals together to learn about the latest industry trends and operational solutions.

Apartment Security System for Crime Prevention and as a Deterrent

Apartmentalize attendees can visit booth 2120 to see real surveillance footage of our video monitoring solution in action. Has your property experienced a car break-in at your parking garage? Live video monitoring can help reduce and deter crime. Our trained apartment security monitors watch surveillance video feeds in real time. When they see something suspicious like trespassing, they can activate a speaker warning. It lets criminals know they are being watched. If the situation escalates or if the perpetrators remain on the property, our operators can call local police.

Access Control and Remote Concierge Services

Are you looking for ways to add amenities to your property? Our Remote Concierge (RC) service provides a world-class resident experience while increasing your net operating income. RC assists residents with a multitude of items, just as a physical concierge would, such as giving directions, supplying important building information, managing building access, and answering common questions. We also assist in both emergency and non-emergency situations. RC will collaborate with emergency services (police, fire, ambulance) until the situation is under control. All information is strictly documented according to company policy.

Property Maintenance

In addition to securing sites, Stealth’s team is always focused on other ways we can help improve your maintenance process. Our operators can note whether a parking lot gate is broken, lights are burned out or entryways need to be cleaned, and then provide you with timely reporting and video evidence if necessary.

Liability Claims

We can help you ensure that safety procedures are being followed so you can take appropriate action. In addition, recording and archiving site activities can prove useful when dealing with insurance companies or authorities during incidents such as on-site injury claims, property damage issues or accidents.

Customized reports and analytics

Get a complete understanding of what activities are happening on your sites. Stealth’s video analyst team reviews archived video for clients to provide video evidence of on-site issues, such as accidents and property damage. Some cameras can even capture vehicle license plates and identifying features of the perpetrators.

Meet with Us at Apartmentalize 2018

Stop by Booth 2120 for a one-on-one consultation with our apartment security representatives and schedule a free multifamily property security site assessment.

Click here if you would like to schedule a time to meet with us or would like more information on video security, access control or video review.

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