Video Surveillance Cameras Helped Lead to an Arrest

Posted by Amy Hite on June 27, 2018

Temperatures aren’t the only thing on the rise during the summer. More vehicles are stolen in July and August than during any other time of the year, which is why July has been deemed as National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

Watch the Video: Juveniles Arrested for Breaking into Cars

Lisa Cantu, a trained Stealth Monitoring security operator, was watching the property on April 20 when she spotted the thieves jiggling door handles and entering a vehicle. She quickly alerted Arlington police and led them directly to the scene. The video shows how Stealth Monitoring and our video surveillance cameras make a difference every night for businesses and communities across North America.

Police Spokesperson Karen Standback said, “We were able to quickly get there, and she was able to provide a vehicle description. And when officers arrived, we were able to stop the vehicle and they were actually in a stolen car.” The Arlington Police department showed their gratitude by recognizing Lisa with the Citizen’s Certificate Award for her quick actions.

How Did San Francisco Decrease Car Break-Ins in Parking Garages?

The added security measures are part of a broader effort to crack down on the city’s property crime epidemic. The Insurance Information Institute ranked the San Francisco Metropolitan area number eight on the list of places with the most stolen vehicles. The San Francisco District Attorney said that his office is using every tool available to indict car burglars. That includes creating a unit of prosecutors who specifically targets these types of offenders.

This test further proves that proactive measures such as video surveillance cameras can deter car break-ins and other types of criminal activity. If there is a higher probability of being caught and punished, criminals may not want to take their chances. Click here to read the full article.

Attempted Car Theft at Dealership by a 10-Year-Old

Car theft is a problem that plagues auto dealerships across North America, so hearing about a stolen car on the nightly news is not groundbreaking. It is, however, when the culprit is in the fourth grade. According to an NBC 4 article, the suspect and mastermind of an attempted car theft at a car dealership was a 10-year-old boy with a history of grand theft auto.

Here’s what happened: The boy was with his mother shopping for cars when he stole two sets of keys. Later that night, the video surveillance cameras showed the suspect returning to the property with an accomplice. Both tried unsuccessfully to unlock and start the vehicles. Car dealership employees had noticed that the keys were missing earlier in the day and disabled their respective vehicles. After the failed car theft, a third suspect arrived and drove them away. Local police are looking for the suspects and have confirmed that the young boy had attempted to steal a car the previous summer. Click here to read the full article.

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