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Connect with Stealth at ICSC Las Vegas 2024

The commercial real estate sector, particularly shopping and retail centers, faces numerous security challenges, driven by both physical and cyber threats. These challenges are compounded by the high foot traffic and public accessibility of these spaces, making them attractive targets for various forms of criminal activity. 

ORC continues to be a significant threat, involving coordinated thefts by groups aiming to steal from retailers systematically. This type of crime not only results in direct financial losses but can also affect the safety of employees and customers, and even impact store operations and profitability. 

The Department of Homeland Security, through initiatives like the Commercial Facilities Sector-Specific Plan, emphasizes collaborative efforts to improve security and resilience, focusing on risk management tailored to the sector’s unique needs​. 

Enhanced safety and security measures are a major driver in the success of commercial retail properties. We invite you to take advantage of this exciting event to learn more about proactive retail and shopping center security solutions, as well as network with property management and vendors at ICSC Las Vegas 2024 on May 19th-21st at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This trade show will be an excellent educational and networking opportunity, with access to the newest innovations, products, and services catering to the commerce & marketplaces industry all in one incredible location. 

Reserve a time to meet our expert team at Booth 912V-A, located in the Lower South Hall! 

Why ICSC Las Vegas 2024? 

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is a preeminent member organization dedicated to the advancement of the commercial real estate industry. These vibrant marketplaces serve as the heartbeat of communities, where people come together to shop, dine, work, play, and connect. 

ICSC’s annual Las Vegas convention stands as a premier industry event, drawing together a distinguished gathering of experts, dealmakers, and service providers who are at the forefront of innovation and evolution within the marketplace sector. The comprehensive program offers a wealth of opportunities, including professional development workshops, captivating keynote presentations, exclusive networking receptions, the prestigious ICSC Global Awards Ceremony, an expansive exhibit hall, microlearning sessions, and much more. 

ICSC’s expertly curated experiences foster invaluable connections and catalyze transformative deals. This is a can’t-miss chance to engage with your professional community and amplify your impact within this dynamic and ever-evolving industry. 

About Stealth Monitoring 

Stealth Monitoring, a privately held industry leader, is North America’s premier provider of cutting-edge retail and shopping center security solutions. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and Toronto, Ontario, Stealth empowers commercial real estate property managers and owners to cultivate a heightened sense of safety and security for their tenants and customers, all while driving enhanced return on investment, helping to mitigate liability exposure, and optimizing security expenditures. 

Stealth’s proactive, customized retail video surveillance offerings operate in real-time, enabling rapid detection and response to suspicious or undesirable activities. Trained security professionals leverage state-of-the-art video analytics and human intuition and intelligence to monitor for more than just basic motion, helping to ensure the highest levels of protection. Remarkably, Stealth’s live video monitoring security solutions can deliver these enhanced capabilities at 25-60% less cost than traditional security measures, making them a truly transformative asset for property management teams. 

Schedule a Time to Meet with Stealth Monitoring Retail and Shopping Center Security Experts at ICSC Las Vegas 2024 

Meet Stealth Monitoring and members of our team of retail and shopping center security experts at the ICSC Las Vegas 2024 at Booth Number 912V-A, located in South Hall Lower section. You can schedule a time to meet with us one-on-one to see a live demo of our proactive security solution and discuss security challenges at your properties. 

Unable to make ICSC Las Vegas but still want to learn more about how our customized, proactive security solutions can enhance safety and security for your property and tenants? Contact us for more information. 

Texas Private Security License Number: B14187
California Alarm Operator License Number: ACO7876
Florida Alarm System Contractor I License Number: EF20001598
Tennessee Alarm Contracting Company License Number: 2294
Virginia Private Security Services Business License Number: 11-19499
Alabama Electronic Security License # 002116
Canada TSBC License: LEL0200704

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